Module containing all of the settings required in the global scope.

The different configurations are also listed here:

auth_endpoint_url:  The correct address for the relevant Openstack keystone
                    instance, to enable the authentication backend
                    Default: None
has_trust:          Information on whether or not the backend has trust on
                    the specified endpoint, i.e. if the backend can use SSO
                    Default: False
swift_endpoint_url: The endpoint which the backend will use for OS Swift,
                    to query the object storage.
                    Default: None
logfile:            The file in which the logs will be written into, if the
                    logfile is set.
                    Default: None
port:               The port in which the server will answer from (this
                    option is only relevant if the server is run in a
                    standalone setup)
                    Default: 8080
verbose:            Boolean value for increasing verbosity in the program
                    Default: False
debug:              Set logging level to debug
                    Default: False
version:            Contains the current version for e.g. logging
static_folder:      Path to the folder that contains the static front-end
                    files, only used when the server is deployed without
                    a proxy like Nginx to host the static files, and handle
                    load balancing
                    Default: $PWD/swift_browser_ui_frontend


set_key(key, value, log_message)

Set a key value if it's specified.